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Our mission at OSINT Intelligence & Training is to provide quality courses and a friendly learning environment. We focus on empowering people by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to help reach their goals. With our uniquely practical and straightforward approach, participants can begin applying their new skills after just one course session.


Our Courses & Programs

Our Unique Expertise 


A background born from specialist activities providing consultancy to Middle East and APAC based Organisations, Governments, and Military Clients.

Based on years in Royal Air Force Security/Investigations and Counter Intelligence Operations within a SCIF/TK/Comint/Sigint environments, working alongside GCHQ, CESG, UK and US Agencies, and as the ITSO and Systems Security Manager for CIA Accredited Systems.

Visiting Professor of a UK University, and:

  • Member of the Advisory Board, Research Center in Cyber Security (KirCCS) - University of Kent

  • Past Mentor to Tallinn University (Estonia) Masters Students Cyber Research

  • Providing Registered Expert Witness services

  • Certified Forensics Investigator Practitioner [CFIP]

  • Editorial Member at MedCrave Research for Forensics & Criminology,

  • ENISA CEI Listed Expert

  • Editorial Member of the Cyber Security Research Institute [CRSI]

  • Digital Forensics/Cyber Security Listed Trainer in the Middle East delivering a Certified Cyber and Digital Forensics/OSINT Coursers

  • Fellow of Royal Society for the Arts [FRSA]

  • Belkasoft (Digital Forensics) Partner.

Our Courses

Our courses have run in the UAE, Global Locations and the UK for over 7 years. They  provide participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills to plan, deliver and monitor IT/Cyber Security to internal and external clients encompassing a complete, conjoined set of disciplines in the areas of IT Policies, Security-Operational-Run-Books, Secure Operations Center (SOC) and Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) infrastructures, and the arts of OSINT, Investigations and Digital Forensics.

To date we have delivered training courses at Masters Level to UK and International Universities, as well as Military Academies in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and both Vertical and Horizontal Industries in the Middle East including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Pakistan.  

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Course Outline

The Cyber Security course has run in the UAE for over 5 years, delivered to Commercial and Military Clients. The training  provides the delegates with pragmatic in-depth knowledge and practical skills to plan, deliver and monitor IT/Cyber Security to the internal enterprise, and external clients, encompassing a complete, conjoined set of disciplines in the areas of IT Policies, Security-Operational-Run-Book, security/penetration testing, ethical hacking and Black Hat hacking examples.

Covering WiFi security and engineering, Website security, human factors, introduction to cyber forensics, cyber security team management, Secure Operations Center (SOC) and Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) infrastructures.

As part of the course, participants will conduct a risk assessment of two different deployments based on the ISO27001 to identify any direct, or indirect threats, security exposures, or potentials for vulnerabilities. Participants will also respond to an example security incident and identify the best practices which could be applied to secure their own organization, and associated assets.  All participants will be given copies of Run Books to deal with cyber extortions, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS/DoS) and forensic investigations.


Course Methodology

The course will include practical sessions, videos as well as live examples [e.g. Virus] and demonstrations of white and black hat hacking tools. All participants will also be provided with the latest research papers and articles.


Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply information security standards to their organization and its critical assets

  • Identify the threats presented by viruses, malware, active code, and Active Persistent Threats (APT) and consider the different mitigating options

  • Formulate and manage effective cyber security teams, and apply the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) framework, tools and capabilities to deliver cost effective and robust solutions to protect the organization

  • Use Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) to deliver messages that will change the way employees work and think about security

  • Examine the area of wireless security protocols, their security attributes, and their potential insecurities within the organization, and in public spaces

  • Illustrate how penetration testing and ethical hacking enhance organizational security

  • Evaluate and apply two of the most important aspects in the modern day of cyber-adversity: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and cyber threat intelligence

Target Competencies

  • Information security management

  • Vulnerability assessment and management

  • Applying cyber security solutions

  • Developing IT policies and procedures

  • Cyber forensics

  • Ethical hacking and Black Hat hacking


OSINT & Cyber Intelligence 

The world of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) can be a rich asset to leverage to underpin any Personal and Business aspiration to deliver a robust and secure profile, by seeking to discover and unknown dangers which may exist in the wider context of unknown information.

OSINT represents Digital Intelligence which may be discovered & acquired from a logical, delicate palette of grey, off-white & sepia snippets of data, which when analyzed & aggregated can (and does) provide Intelligence assets which may be leveraged to secure Personal, Corporate & Geopolitical assets.

Our Operational Experience

Over the last 5 years we have worked with large organization in a cross-section of commercials and industries to deliver platformed solutions and services to accommodate OSINT Programs.


To date we have delivered Training to:

  • Micro Banks (UK)

  • Military Academies in the Far East (KL)

  • Multiple Clients located in the UAE

Course Objectives

Our courses seek to transfer knowledge to our delegates and subscribing organizations how they may leverage, what is a Dark Art through both Classroom Learning as well as Hands on Projects.


We are also empowered to support Product Certification Programs as part of our Training for leading edge, cutting edge AI branded tools as part of our course objectives.


On-Site: Up to 5 delegates - £1650.00

5> £1450.00

Off-Site: Up to 5 delegates - £1750.00

5> £1650.00

Note: As part of the course, all delegates provided with the following takeaways:

  • FIPS-140/2 Secure iStorage encrypted drive

  • Licensed Applications

  • Product Certification

  • Complete set of operational documentation framework (Policies and CSIRT Run-Books)  


Digital Forensics & First Responders

The requirement for operational Incident Response, and Digital Forensic disciplines and procedures, has been forced to evolve in the last decade – driven by the increase of unprecedented cyber breaches, and associated Commercial and State Sponsored Cyber-Crimes. Data Breaches and intrusions have evolved to more complex engagements, presenting the need for robust in-house Digital Forensics/First Response capabilities to be deployed.

This Digital Forensics and Investigations Course enables participants to pragmatically engage with, and to investigate, both internal and external digital crimes and inferred events. Applying robust processes and procedures which encompass the Digital Forensic acquisition of images, from media and artifacts to computers and mobile technologies. Aligned with proven processes to secure evidential artifacts and materials. Delegates have the opportunity to learn and apply Best Practices to assure associated evidential integrity and value is maintained intact.

From a background of “in-the-field” hands-on law enfacement, associated with the key concepts of legal practices, this course will provide hands-on pragmatic real-world experiences, underpinned by the academic and legal structures which form the basis of Forensic Science.

Including the key requirements of the Secure Operational Centre (SOC) and its interfaces with the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), this course will provide participants with the skills they require to respond to a digital investigation with the assurance of completing it correctly.

The course also includes the advanced elements of the use of AI to conduct investigations of images, and Facial Recognition, as well as understanding the implications of Steganography.

If the delegates require, we can also offer the support for Certifications of current day AI based Tools and Technologies as used by both National and International Law Enforcement and Security Agencies.  

Course Methodology

The course includes practical sessions, videos as well as live demonstrations and live coding.  A hands-on use of all tools is encouraged throughout the course as all participants engage in the real-time investigation of a test case. 

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply a Digital Forensics methodology in an operational environment

  • Set a strategy for a Digital Forensics Response Framework

  • Conduct investigations into Social Media, Malware, Viruses, and Ransomware

  • Manage a Digital Scene-of-Crime and its Digital evidence and artifacts

  • Investigate mobile technologies (Cell Phones), and other media which may hold evidential materials and artifacts

  • Apply AI, Facial Recognition and the techniques to extract images and Metadata from systems artifacts

As a conclusion to this course, the delegates conduct a combined Local and Internet Investigation to underpin their newly acquired skills.

This Course also offers Free Product Training and Certification of AI based tools used by both Law Enforcement and Global Security Agencies alike. 

Industry Partnerships

Working in partnership with some of the International leading & unique Digital Forensic and AI companies, we are able to assure that what is delivered as well support by the most current tools on the market.  


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